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Statler Brothers

The "Statler Brothers" are an American country music vocal group founded in 1955 in Virginia.

Despite the band's name just two of its four members are brothers, and none of them are named 'Statler'. The band in fact named themselves after a brand of facial tissue (they have joked that they could have turned out to be the Kleenex Brothers). Don Reid sings lead and is the younger brother of Harold, who sings bass. The other members are baritone Phil Balsley and tenor Jimmy Fortune, who replaced original Statler Lew DeWitt in the early 1980s due to the latter's ill health.

Since forming, the Statler Brothers have released over 40 albums. They received Grammy Awards in 1966 and 1973. Two of their best-known songs are their first big hit, "Flowers on the Wall", and the socially-conscious "Bed of Rose's". Late in their career they had a regular variety show on the cable television channel then known as The Nashville Network. Throughout their career, much of their appeal was related to their considerable ability for comedy and parody that they frequently interspersed into their musical act; they were frequently nominated for awards for their comedy as well as their si...

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