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Steel Dragon

Steel Dragon is the name of a fictitious heavy metal band featuring real musicians, created to appear in the Warner Bros movie Rock Star (2001), inclusively being responsible for the movie's original soundtrack. The members, especially the lead singers, had that over the top look and attitude similar to those seen in some famous hair bands of the 80s.


Dragon 10.jpg|float|thumb|right|190px|Zakk "Ghode" Wylde The story behind the band in the movie was freely based on a curious fact that happened with Judas Priest, having their original vocalist Rob Halford replaced by a fan, Tim 'Ripper' Owens, who was previously the lead singer of a Judas Priest tribute band.


The band's formation on-screen included the talents of four musicians and had actors playing the role of the lead singers, who actually were dubbed by vocalists Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Yngwie J. Malmsteen) and Michael Matijevic during their performances.

Also, there were other additional musicians who gave their contribution to help in the process of composing and performing the songs, as listed below:

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