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Typically, stellar is an adjective referring to one or more stars. See also: *The Narrabri Stellar Intensity Interferometer was the first astronomical instrument to measure the diameters of a large number of stars at visible wavelengths. *Stellar aberration is an astronomical phenomenon defined as an apparent motion of the heavenly bodies due to a combination of the motion of the Earth and the finite velocity of light. *A stellar association is a very loose star cluster, looser than both open clusters and globular clusters. *Stellar astronomy is the study of stars and the phenomena exhibited by the various forms/developmental stages of stars. Timeline of stellar astronomy *Stellar atmosphere. Different stars have different atmospheres. *A stellar black hole is a black hole formed by the collapse of a massive star at the end of its lifetime. *Stellar cartography. In astronomy, a term used to refer to the mapping of stars, nebula, and other interstellar phonomena. *Stellar Course Management System, an online course webpage system from MIT. *Stellar classification is a classification of stars based initially on photospheric temperature and its associated spectral characteristics, and subsequenly refined in terms of other characteristics. *Stellar dynamics is the branch of astrophysics which describes in a statistical way the collective motions of stars subject to their mutual gravity. *A stellar engine is a hypothetical propulsion device that employs a significant part of a star's radiation to change the star's velocity (literally: an engine for a star). *Stellar evolution is the sequence of changes that a star undergoes during its lifetime, the millions or billions of years during which it emits light and heat. *Stellar Loussier is a fictional character in the anime series Gundam SEED Destiny. *Stellar magnitude. The apparent magnitude (m) of a star, is a measure of its apparent brightness; that is, the amount of light received from the star. *Stellar navigation *Stellar near-collision *Stellar nucleosynthesis is the collective term for the nuclear reactions taking place in stars to build the nuclei of the heavier elements. *Stellar parallax is the change of angular position of two stars relative to each other as seen from earth, due to the different orbital positions of the Earth. *Stellar population. Stars can be grouped into two general types called Population I and Population II. *Stellar spectra/Stellar spectroscopy *Stellar Stone LLC, a Russian game developer. *Stellar structure *Stellar system is a grouping of one or more stars, with (sometimes) non-stellar planetary systems, having a common centre of gravity. *Stellar uplifting refers to the theoretic prospect of converting lifeless stellar matter into intelligent and sentient substrate. *Stellar wind. A solar wind is a stream of charged particles (i.e., a plasma) which are ejected from the upper atmosphere of a star. *The Combination of Stellar Influences is a significant astrological reference and research text. *The Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band was a Los Angeles based rock band, who operated their own record label, now defunct, called Stellar Records. *Hyundai Stellar, a car built by Hyundai Motor Company.

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