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Stephen Fretwell

Man on the Roof


Stephen Fretwell

"Stephen Fretwell" (born November 10, 1981) is a singer-songwriter from Scunthorpe, England.

Spethen attended St Bedes Catholic School in Ashby before furthering his study at John Leggott College. After finishing college, in September 2000 Fretwell moved to Salford to begin studying at university. He fell in love with Manchester and stayed permanently later releasing '8 Songs' which he put out on Northern Ambition, a label owned by a friend. Fretwell later described it as 'The one I did to prove to myself I could put out one proper record'.

He later released the 'Something's Got To Give' EP and 'The Lines', both self-financed. On back of his growing stature and reputation, Fretwell was invited to support bands such as Travis, Elbow, Athlete, Keane and KT Tunstall.

His debut album Magpie, was released in November 2004. The first single taken from the album was 'Run' and was subsequently followed by 'Emily' which was in the Top 10 airplayed songs. His last single was 'New York'.

He is known for his curly mop of ginger hair, sombre lyrics and gravelly deep voice and names his main influence as Bob Dylan. His songs are derivative of Dylan's work, and he learnt to ...

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