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Steven Curtis Chapman

"Steven Curtis Chapman" (born November 21, 1962 in Paducah, Kentucky) is a contemporary Christian musician.

Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the biggest legends in contemporary Christian music. He was first signed on to a songwriting deal in the early 1980s, based upon the strength of his song "Built To Last" which was recorded by popular gospel group The Imperials. Shortly after, he signed a record deal with Sparrow Records, where he rose to prominence.

He and his wife Mary Beth live in Nashville, Tennessee and have three biological children, (Emily Elizabeth, Caleb Stevenson, Will Franklin) and three adopted daughters from China (Shaohannah Hope Yan, Stevey Joy Ru, Maria Sue Chapman). They are also recognized advocates for adoption. Together, they founded Shaohannah's Hope, a charity organization which offers grants to qualifying families to help defray the cost of adopting, at home and abroad. Both were awarded the Angels of Adoption award by a Congressional Committee for adoption in Washington, D.C.

Chapman and his sons recorded under the name of "Stevenson" for the 2003 ''Veggie Rocks'' CD. (Song: "I Love My Lips," VeggieTales). Chapman starred in the 2003...

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