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Stiff Little Fingers

"Stiff Little Fingers" are a punk band, originally based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in 1977. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star, doing rock covers, until they discovered punk. They split up after six years, and four albums, although they subsequently reformed five years later, in 1987. Despite massive personnel changes, they are still touring and recording as of 2006. Jake Burns, their lead singer, is the only member to have been with the band during all its incarnations, although in March 2006, original bass guitarist Ali McMordie rejoined them following the departure of Bruce Foxton after fifteen years.

Prior to becoming Stiff Little Fingers, Jake Burns, Vocals and Guitar, Henry Cluney, Guitar, Gordon Blair, Bass, and Brian Falloon, Drums, were playing in a cover band, Highway Star, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Upon the departure of Gordon Blair (who went on to play with another Belfast group, Rudi), Ali McMordie took over the duties on Bass.

Henry had by this time discovered punk, and introduced the rest of the band to it. They decided that Highway Star wasn't a punky enough name, and after a brief flirtation with the name The Fast,...

country Belfast, Northern Ireland
years active 1977-1982 1987–present
music genre Punk Rock
current members Jake Burns
Ali McMordie
Steve Grantley
Ian McCallum
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia