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Still Remains

''"Still Remains" is also a song from the 1994 Stone Temple Pilots album Purple.''

"Still Remains" is a metalcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan currently signed to Roadrunner Records, who formed out of previous Grand Rapids based hardcore band Shades Of Amber. In early 2006, Still Remains joined the headlining Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine, along with Hawthorne Heights and Aiden, on the Kerrang XXV Tour.

Still Remains are known for their unique sound, by incorporating keyboards into American modern metal sounds, to create a distinct, euro-metal sound into their music. The band cite bands like In Flames and Children Of Bodom as their influences. They have recentely covered Nine Inch Nails Head like a Hole for the Kerrang! free CD High Voltage: A Brief History of Rock celebrating the magazine's 25th anniversary.

Very recently, the band's keyboardist, Zach Roth, left the group. Tryouts are currently being held and there is no word on a replacement as of yet.

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*T.J. Miller - vocals

*Mike Church - guitar, vocals

*Evan Willey - bass

*Jordan Whelan - guit...

years active 2002 – present
origin Grand Rapids, MI
music genre Metalcore
current members T.J. Miller
Jordan Whelan (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia