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"Stillwater" was an American band of the 1970s, which played Southern rock with a folk lean.

The group existed from 1973 to 1982 and was based in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Its members included:

*Mike Causey - guitar

*Rob Walker - guitar

*Bobby Golden - guitar/vocals

*Al Scarborough - bass/vocals

*Bob Spearman - keyboards/vocals

*Jimmy Hall - percussion/vocals

*Sebie Lacey - drums/vocals

The group released two albums on Capricorn Records,

''Stillwater'' (1977), which included the single "Mindbender", and

''I Reserve The Right!'' (1979).

Two decades later it was reformed with new members, and released the album ''Running Free'' (1997).

This group is only tangentially related to the fictitious band of the same name from the 2000 film ''Almost Famous''.



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