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Stina Nordenstam

Stina Nordenstam (born "''Kristina Marianne Nordenstam"'' March 4, 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish singer, songwriter and musician.

Stina's distinctive, breathy voice led to early comparisons with artists like Rickie Lee Jones and Björk. Her early albums, ''Memories Of A Colour'' and ''And She Closed Her Eyes'' were significantly jazz-influenced with only subtle elements of alternative rock. With 1997's ''Dynamite'' she started down a darker, more experimental path - most of the album was filled with over-processed distorted electric guitars and unusual beats, but careful listening revealed her unique songwriting abilities. An album of covers, ''People Are Strange'', followed before she returned in 2001 with ''This Is Stina Nordenstam'', an album with shorter songs and a more pop-like, but still highly distinctive feel; ex-Suede vocalist Brett Anderson featured on two tracks. In 2003 she featured on two tracks from Danish prog-rockers Mew's international debut ''Frengers''. Her 2004 album ''The World Is Saved'' continues the path set on ''This Is...'', but presents a more realized sound and acknowledges her earlier jazz influences more.

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