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Strangelove were a British alternative rock band, formed sometime around 1990-91, growing partly out of a previous band called Words and Pictures. They played their first set at Bath Moles Club on 9 October 1991. They split up on Monday 20th April 1998.

The members were:

*Patrick Duff, vocals, piano

*Alex Lee, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

*Julian Pransky-Poole, guitar

*Joe Allen, bass

*John Langley, drums, percussion, backing vocals

Duff's vocals have been described as a sounding like "Morrissey trained by Scott Walker" (Q Magazine). The band's sound was similar to that of Suede, but with a heavier Rock approach. They created a Gothic atmosphere, but also came up with catchy pop hooks. Duff's lyrics were often highly personal and confessional, at odds with the confidence with which he sang. Singles included "Another Night In", "Beautiful Alone", "Sway", and "The Greatest Show On Earth".

Patrick Duff released a solo album on 21st June 2005, called Luxury Problems. Lee joined Suede in 2001 and Placebo in 2006.

*Time for the Rest of Your Life (1995) Food/Parlophone

*Love & Other Demons (1996) Food/Parlophone

*Strangelove (1997) Food/Parl...

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