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Strebers was a punk band from Sweden formed in 1985. The band was split in 1992 after their drummer and main lyrics writer Johnny died in a car crash. The remaining members then formed Dia Psalma together with the former Merciless drummer Stipen.

Strebers was reunited in 2000.


  • Ur led är... (1986)
  • Öga för öga (1987)
  • I fädrens spÃ¥r (1990)
  • Kaos & skrÃ¥l 85-87 (1991)
  • Kallt stÃ¥l, varmt blod (1991)
  • Till en vän (1992)
  • Blod, svett & tÃ¥rar (2000)
  • Meningslöst liv(e) (2001)



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