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Street To Nowhere

"Street To Nowhere" is an indie/alternative rock band from Oakland, California.

Since it's birth Street To Nowhere has gone through many changes. After high school, the original members of the band went their seperate ways, leaving singer/songwriter Dave Smallen without a band. This however did not stop him from playing shows; still using the name Street To Nowhere, he continued to play solo acoustic shows, including Live 105's ''Battle of the Bands'' in 2004, which won him a spot on the local stage at Live 105's BFD that year. Since then Street To Nowhere has shared the stage with bands such as OK GO, Maxeen, Reel Big Fish, The Matches, and in 2006 returned to the BFD local stage as headliners.

Street To Nowhere has since re-filled the vacancies in the band with drummer Joey Bustos, lead guitarist Will Hauser, and bassist Bryce Freeman. On occasion Street To Nowhere is joined on stage by violinist Anton Patzner of Judgement Day, Audrye Sessions, and Bright Eyes.

In November 2005, Street To Nowhere released their first album, Charmingly Awkward, at a sold out show at San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill.

In summer of 2006, they will be going on their firs...

origin Oakland, California
status Active
music genre Indie/Alternative
current members Dave Smallen- Vocals/Guitar
Bryce Freeman- Bass
Will Hauser- Lead Guitar
Joey Bustos- Drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia