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"Streetheart" was a Canadian rock band from Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1975, vocalist Ken Shields, keyboard player Daryl Gutheil and bassist Ken Sinnaeve formed the band Wascana. After being renamed Witness, the group became Streetheart when guitarist Paul Dean and drummer Matt Frenette joined in 1977. The band released ''Meanwhile Back in Paris'' the following year and ''Under Heaven over Hell'' in 1979, but Frenette and Dean dropped out soon after to found Loverboy. Streetheart played together until 1984, releasing ''Quicksand Shoes'' (1980), ''Drugstore Dancer'' (1981), ''Action: Best of Streetheart'' (1981) and ''Dancing with Danger'' (1983). Record sales earned them six gold albums and four platinum albums; the single "Under My Thumb" achieved gold single status.

Arguably Streetheart's most popular single, "Under My Thumb" (1979), was a remake of a song by the Rolling Stones, who were an early Streetheart influence. At the peak of their career, Streetheart toured with several Canadian rock bands including Chilliwack, Rush, Harlequin, Max Webster (see Kim Mitchell), Aldo Nova, April Wine and with American bands including Sammy Hagar, Styx, Kansas, and Blue Oyster Cult.

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