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Stroke 9

"Stroke 9" is a band that was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989. The success of their first hit song "Little Black Backpack" really boosted their careers. Their third album "Nasty Little Thoughts" went gold in 2000. The single "Kick Some Ass" from the album "Rip It Off" was featured in the movie ''Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back''. The song also became associated with 9/11, as an angry response. The "her" could be considered to be America. Their music can also be heard in other movies and in TV shows such as ''Malcolm In The Middle''.

The band actually formed due to a "Rock Band" class at Marin Academy in San Rafael, just north of San Francisco. In 1990, as a project, the class went to Jim Reitzel's Right Sole Studio in Kentfield, California. They produced a demo containing five songs, including "Blindness", "Wild", and "Dream Song". After Spring that year, the Rock Band seniors,

*Luke Esterkyn (Guitar and Vocal)

*Greg Gueldner (Drums)

*Tom Haddad (Bass)

*Kirsten Stromberg (Keyboard and Vocal)

took their final half-semester off during Senior Project to form the band "Stroke 9" for full credit. They set up in Luke's basement and started writing songs fo...

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