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Strong Bad

"Strong Bad" is a primary character in the fictional world of Flash animated cartoon series Homestar Runner. He is best known for his "Strong Bad Emails", or "SBEmails", in which he is shown typing answers to questions written by visitors to the site on his personal computer. Modelled after a Mexican wrestler character featured in Nintendo's "Tag Team Wrestling," he is shirtless with boxing gloves for hands (though a running gag on the website claims that he originally had oven mitts) and a luchador's wrestling mask for a face. Though originally presented as a villain, Strong Bad has been favorably embraced by pop-culture for his quick-witted sarcasm and infectiously abrasive voice. He is usually seen as the most popular character, although some fans object to the frequency with which he appears in comparison to other characters. His voice has changed over time from a distinctly Mexican accent to a more American one, while still retaining its "rough" quality. His eyes have also become steadily smaller.

The "Strong Bad Emails" were originally a small feature introduced in 2001, in which Strong Bad would mock the spelling and grammar of those who wrote to him, usually using ...

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