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Student Rick

"Student Rick" was once a pop punk band. They caught the eye of Victory Records who introduced them to the emo trend. Victory Records gave them their first record deal. Still keeping their punk background mixed in with the latest emo trend, the band created Soundtrack For A Generation in 2001.

Student Rick consists of Adam Reiter (guitar/vocals), Brett Jones (guitar/vocals), Jason Pavilanas (bass), and Zach Davis (drums). They are most famous for their song Falling For You. This song is featured in the game Aggressive Inline.

* 'Soundtrack For A Generation' (2001, Victory Records)

* 'Aggressive Inline' (2001, Acclaim Entertainment) - "Falling For You", "Monday Morning"

* Official website

* Buy Soundtrack For A Generation

* Student Rick Lyrics

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years active 2000–2003
origin South Bend, Indiana
country United States
music genre Rock music
current members Adam Reiter
Brett Jones
Jason Pavilanas
Zach Davis
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia