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"Stutterfly" is a band created in 1998. It is classified under the Metal/ Alternative/ Post Hardcore genre. What started as a hobby for four young men from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, swiftly turned into a passionate and emotional outlet for its four members: Chris Stickney (vocals), Jordan Chase (bass, vocals), Bradyn Byron (guitar, vocals), and Craig Langerud (drums). In 2003, Jason Ciolli (guitar) joined the band and in 2004, Ryan Loerke took over on drums to complete the line-up. The band has continued on to produce intense and energetic live shows.

Their melodic sound resonates with three-part vocals and harmonies, intense screaming, hard-hitting drums, and thick driving guitars. These, punctuated with transparent lyrics, form a sound distinct from other bands.

Stutterfly's demo, "hollow", quickly turned around and sold over 3,000 copies at their shows alone. "Broken In Pieces...", their first full-length album, was released in 2002 (later re-released on the bands' own label, The Elysien Project). They tour the United States and Canada extensively.

After reaching number one on in their genre, Stutterfly maintained a top 10 position for over a year...

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