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"The Subdudes" are an American rock group from New Orleans. They have released 7 albums; ''The Subdudes'' and ''Lucky'' for East West Records; ''Annunciation'', ''Primitive Streak'' and ''Live at Last'' for High Street; and ''Miracle Mule'' and ''Behind the Levee'' forEMI/Back Porch. The current members of the subdudes are: Tim Cook, bass; Tommy Malone, vocals, acoustic, electric, and slide guitars; John Magnie, vocals, accordion, keyboards; Jimmy Messa, bass and vocals; and Steve Amedée, tambourine, drums, and other percussions, vocals. They are an American band with a lighter rock sound and an extremely faithful following. Their Former bass player was Johnny Ray Allen, who has not been with the band since ''Live at Last''. Willie Williams also contributed to the three albums ''Annunciation'', ''Primitive Streak'' and ''Live at Last'' as a second guitarist, and Bob Dylan guitarist Freddy Koella helped produce ''Miracle Mule''.

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