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Sugarplum Fairy

"Sugarplum Fairy" is a rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. The name, Sugarplum Fairy, comes from an old Beatles song and The Nutcracker.

The band have released several demos before getting contracted in 2004, releasing the EP Stay Young, that received nothing but good reviews. Later they released their first single, "Sweet Jackie", from their first full length album "Young & Armed" that was released later that year. The band toured heavily in both Sweden, Japan and Germany, and released the debut album in different editions in both Japan and Germany in early 2005.

Apart from their music, the band is also famous for the fact that the two singers in the band are brothers of Gustaf Norén, singer in Mando Diao.

*Victor Norén: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Percussion

*Carl Norén: Vocals, Guitar

*David Hebert: Bass, Organ

*Jonas Karlsson: Guitar

*Kristian Gidlund: Drums


* 2004 ''Young & Armed''


*2004 ''Stay Young''

*2004 ''Sweet Jackie''

*2005 ''Far Away From Man''

*2005 ''Sail Beyond Doubt''

*2006 ''She''

* Official website

* Official German website


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