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Suicide Machines

"The Suicide Machines" (formerly known as "Jack Kevorkian & The Suicide Machines") were a Detroit-based ska-core group founded in 1991 by Jason Navarro and Dan Lukacinsky blending modern ska-punk music with a hardcore influence. The band released on independent album and appeared on several ska compilations before signing with Hollywood Records, a Disney subsidiary. Making their mark with the release of ''Destruction By Definition'' in 1996, the Machines gained worldwide popularity with a line-up including Royce Nunley on bass and Derek Grant on drums. The Suicide Machines have recorded seven full-length albums, and achieved some level of commercial success with "Give" on the album ''Battle Hymns''.

Member Royce Nunley on vocals and bass (1994-2002) left the group to start his own band Blueprint 76.

Drummer Derek Grant also left and became a musical journeyman of sorts, having played drums with Thoughts of Ionesco (he recorded with them as well), the Vandals as a fill in drummer for tours, played guitar for Face to Face on a tour, joined the Telegraph (recorded a full length with them) and when that band folded joined the Alkaline Trio and is still currently playing with...

years active 1991-2006
origin Detroit, Michigan
country United States
music genre Ska-core
current members Jason Navarro
Dan Lukacinsky
Ryan Vandeberghe
Rich Tschirhart
past members Royce Nunley
Derek Grant
Stefan Rairigh
Travis Barker
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia