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"Summercamp" is an alternative rock band from Santa Barbara, California. It was formed by Sean McCue (singer/songwriter) and Tim Cullen, with Misha Feldmann and Tony Sevener joining by 1994. Summercamp was credited on the soundtrack of ''Digimon: The Movie'' with their song "Nowhere Near".

The band has made appearances at the 1997 Lollapalooza, and the 1997 Pukkelpop.

*Sean McCue (songwriter/singer/guitarist)

*Tim Cullen (singer/guitarist)

*Misha Feldmann (bassist)

*Tony Sevener (drummer)

*''Pure Juice'' (1997)

*"Drawer" (1997, Maverick) #21 (Modern Rock Tracks)

*"Drawer" (1997, Maverick) #37 (Mainstream Rock Tracks)

* Sean McCue's official site

* Tim Cullen's official site

* profile

* profile


* Tim Cullen

* Sean McCue

* Misha Feldmann


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