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Sunny Day Real Estate

"Sunny Day Real Estate" or "SDRE" was an alternative rock band formed in Seattle, Washington. The band helped bring the emo subgenre from an underground musical phenomenon to a wider audience.


The core of Sunny Day Real Estate formed in 1992, originally under the name Empty Set. Empty Set consisted of Dan Hoerner (guitar, vocals), Nate Mendel (bass), and William Goldsmith (drums). They released a 7-inch, ''Flatland Spider'', before a tumultuous period of musical chairs and name changes. In that timeframe, Mendel took a break to tour with another band, Hoerner took over the bass, and the group was joined by Jeremy Enigk, a high school friend of Goldsmith. Before long, Enigk ascended as the permanent frontman of the band. Where Hoerner's vocal style had been in the rougher, hardcore vein, Enigk's higher-pitched, somewhat strained vocal style added greater emotional depth to the band's songs. When Mendel returned, the complete band settled on the name Sunny Day Real Estate. They released another 7-inch, ''Thief, Steal Me a Peach'' in 1993.


The band's debut album, ''Diary'', released by indie label Sub Pop in 1994, was greeted with numerous positive reviews....

years active 1992–2000
origin Washington (state)
music genre Alternative rock, Emo (music)
current members Jeremy Enigk
William Goldsmith
Dan Hoerner
Nate Mendel (1992-1995)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia