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"Superchunk" is an indie rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After a pair of well-received singles, Superchunk released ''Superchunk'' in 1990, a critically-lauded LP. In spite of the ensuing bidding war, Superchunk decided to stay independent, sticking with Matador Records for their second, just as critically-lauded LP, ''No Pocky for Kitty'', followed by a collection of singles, ''Tossing Seeds'' and another pair of well-reviewed LPs, ''On the Mouth'' and ''Foolish''.

Superchunk singer Mac McCaughan and bassist Laura Ballance launched Merge Records to release the band's future albums, as well as other indie-rock acts, including Lambchop and The Arcade Fire. They continue touring and recording, appearing on Lollapalooza and backing a minor hit in "Hyper Enough" (from ''Here's Where the Strings Come In''). In 1999, Superchunk released ''Come Pick Me Up''.

The band has not released a new studio album since 2001's ''Here's to Shutting Up,'' and their most recent tour was in support of the 2003 compilation ''Cup of Sand.'' Their most recent show was played at this year's South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

McCaughan has also recorded several albums as Port...

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