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"Supergroove" are a defunct New Zealand funk band formed New Year's Eve 1989/1990, formerly named the Low-Down Dirty Blues Band. They have been ranked among what are considered by many to be the greatest bands in New Zealand history.

The band split up in 1997 over creative differences. Notable former members include Che Ness, aka Che Fu, now with a successful solo career, Joe Lonie, a music video producer, and Paul Russell, who moved on to start the New Zealand band Eight (who recently split), and who still studio drums with Che Fu and Brooke Fraser. Two other ex-members, Tim Stewart (trumpet) and Ben Sciascia (guitar) formed a new band in late 2005 called Svelte - website Svelte.

Supergroove released three albums of original content, ''Traction'', ''Tractor'', and ''Backspacer'', one remix album (''Great Mixes'') and, more recently, a 'Best Of' Compilation, ''Postage''.

Notable former members include:

*Che Ness, aka Che Fu

*Joe Lonie

*Paul Russell

*Tim Stewart

*Ben Sciascia

* Saturday, January 15th, 1994, Supergroove played at Mountain Rock III, Mountain Rock Music Festival, later partying backstage with Idol Fret...

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