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Superjoint Ritual

"Superjoint Ritual" is a New Orleans Hardcore/Crossover band formed by Phil Anselmo, Joe Fazzio, and Jimmy Bower in the early 1990s, later to be joined by Hank Williams III, and Kevin Bond. Their style can be considered a mix of Pantera's style of groove metal and hardcore punk in the vein of Agnostic Front. A small trace of black metal can be heard too. Bands like Venom, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone have been noted as influences also.

According to Jimmy Bower in an interview, the name ''Superjoint Ritual'' comes from a lyric in the Darkthrone song, ''The Pagan Winter''.

Rumor has it that a recent dispute between Anselmo and Fazzio led to the band's eventual split in early 2005, which was confirmed by both Hank Williams III and Jimmy Bower.

Singer Philip Anselmo is also rumored to be currently working on a band called Body and Blood with Crowbar guitarist/vocalist Kirk Windstein.

*1995 - Phil Anselmo - Vocals/Guitar

*1995 - Joe Fazzio - Drums

*1995 - Jimmy Bower - Guitar

*1995 - Kevin Bond - Lead guitar

*2001 - Hank Williams III - Bass


*1995 - 2001 - Michael Haaga - Bass


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