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"The Supernaturals" were a five-piece guitar-based pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Fronted by singer-songwriter James McColl, they signed to Parlophone in 1996 and had a string of singles which were pulled from their three albums and four EPs. Other members include Derek McManus and Ken McAlpine. They had a few tunes included in TV advertisements (''Smile'' and ''I Wasn't Built To Get Up''), but the group were dismissed by the media as unfashionable and never really broke into the mainstream. In total they scored 5 UK Top 40 singles.

The band's sound was similar to many 1960s rock bands, with elements of 1990s synth culture, especially later on. Two guitars are used, often one acoustic and one electric, and a variety of effects. Drums are for the most part subdued.

The band's lyrics are self-ridiculing, witty, and often amusingly-clever. Songs are often related to other songs on the same album by a common theme.

The creative output was extensive (some 100 songs in 5 years), as was the touring, where they entertained large crowds at summer festivals and supporting other artists including Robbie Williams, usually via costume and comedy.


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