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Switchblade Symphony

"Switchblade Symphony" was a San Francisco, United States based darkwave band which was formed in 1989 by composer Susan Wallace and vocalist Tina Root. They released their first album in 1995 on the Cleopatra Records label. They also have had two live guitarists, first Robin Jacobs and then George Earth and two live drummers, first Eric Gebow (now a performer with the Blue Man Group), and then Scott van Shoick.

Their dark wave music combined orchestral sounds with heavy synth sequences and ethereal vocals and the group came up with a highly original darkwave sound, imagine the flower duet sung over a twisted union of classical and gothic music. They called themselves Switchblade Symphony as Tina Root, who was classically trained, wanted to take classical music and cut it apart. Although rather unique, similar bands include 'Rhea's obsession', and 'The machine in the garden'.

Switchblade Symphony broke up in November, 1999. After that, Tina Root started her own project, Tré Lux, and Susan Wallace has become a professional masseuse.

* Full-length albums and EPs

** ''Fable'', 1991 (out of print)

** ''Serpentine Gallery'', 1995

** ''Scrapbook'', 1997

** '...

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