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"Sylver" is a Belgian dance group best known for the song "Turn the Tide". The group's vocalist is Silvy de Bie (born January 4, 1981) and keyboardist/songwriter is Wout Van Dessel (born October 19, 1974). Regi Penxten is the producer and co-songwriter.

Silvy began her musical career at age nine on the Belgian television series ''De Kinderacademie'' (The Children's Academy). Belgian law prohibiting children under 16 from working, however, put a sudden end to this career. Later, she returned with the band "Lance".

Wout is a well known Belgian DJ. He and Silvy were acquainted at the disco where he was the resident DJ.

Sylver has toured not only in its homeland of Belgium, but also North America, South Africa, Asia, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe.

As of 2006 little promotion in the USA has not made them a big sucess in this country but time may tell.

the release of Crossroads in 2006 is Sylver's best work very dark and personal.

In 2001 Sylver hit Germany with their debut album ''Chances'', including the single "Turn the Tide". The single immediately moved to number 8 in the charts, and within 8 weeks was number 2 (under Atomic Kitten's ''Whole...

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