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"Systematic" was a hard rock band from California, USA. The band was one of the first signings to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's record label, The Music Company (via Elektra Records). Their first album ''Somewhere in Between'' came out in 2001 and reached #143 in Billboard album chart. Systematic toured with Ozzfest the same year. Former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph joined the band in 2003, and the band produced another album, ''Pleasure to Burn''. The band broke up in 2004. Vocalist Tim Narducci is now in the band Spiralarms.

*Tim Narducci - Vocals/Guitar

*Adam Ruppel - Guitar

*Johny Bechtel - Bass

*Shaun Bannon - Drums

*Nick St. Denis - Bass (former)

*Paul Bostaph - Drums (former)

*''Somewhere in Between'' (2001)

*''Pleasure to Burn'' (2003)

* Systematic Fan Discussion Forum

< * Official website, Removed since the link is dead -->

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