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Tait is a Christian rock band formed by Michael Tait, one of the members of the legendary Christian band, dc Talk. When dc Talk went on hiatus around 1997, Michael started working unofficially with his own music, and formed the band officially in 2000. They released their first album in 2001. Tait named the band after his father, Nathel Tait.

*Michael Tait – vocals, piano *Evan Wetherford – guitar *Dave Clo – guitar *Jordan Hester – bass *Chad Chapin – drums, synthesizer

*Pete Stewart – guitar, synthesizer *Justin York – guitar *Lonnie Chapin – bass

{{ class="wikitable" ! Title ! Year ! Label(s) ! The Billboard 200
Chart position ! RIAA
certification |- | align="left" | Empty | align="center" | 2001 | align="center" | Records|ForeFront? | align="center" | N/A | align="center" | N/A |- | align="left" | Lose This Life | align="center" | 2003 | align="center" | Records|ForeFront years active 2000–present status Active country United States music genre Christian rock current members Michael Tait
Evan Wetherford
Dave Clo
Jordan Hester
Chad Chapin website

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