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Billy Talent

"''Billy Talent"'', originally called "Pezz", is a Canadian modern rock band. Originally from Mississauga, Ontario, they are now based in downtown Toronto. They performed and recorded together for about a decade before finding a wide mainstream following.


The band originated in Streetsville, part of the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. In 1993, Ben Kowalewicz, Jon Gallant, and Aaron Solowoniuk met Ian D'Sa backstage at their high school talent show. Ian was in a different band at the time, but they immediately became friends, and later formed a new band, Pezz. Pezz began writing and performing songs and winning attention and credibility at first locally, and soon in Toronto's broader indie music scene. A collaboration with Juno-nominated music producer Brad Nelson led to their first full-length album, ''Watoosh!'', in 1998. While popular within Toronto's indie scene, it did not reach large mainstream sales levels.


In 1999, Pezz ran into some legal trouble over their name. A punk band from Memphis, Tennessee used the same name, and indeed had released their first album under that name in 1990. At first, the Canadian Pezz's management threatened a lawsui...

years active 1993 - present
origin Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
music genre Punk rock
current members Benjamin Kowalewicz
Jonathan Gallant
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia