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Tally Hall

"Tally Hall" is a rock band formed in December of 2002 based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, now under the Quack! recording label. They are known for their upbeat melodies and playful lyrics, particularly for their song "Banana Man".

Transcending labels, the band has both a unique sound and appearance. The members dress in white shirts with black dress pants. Their outfits are completed with their signature colored ties, each member having a different color. Tally Hall calls their style of music "wonky rock", as defined with melodious hooks, off-color harmonies and upbeat rhythms. The songs often deal with topics of relationships and a love for life.

In addition to music, the band also creates numerous short movies. These movies include both music videos and humorous skits. The best known of these videos is their music video for "Banana Man" which resulted in significant publicity among online users visiting the website Albino Blacksheep.

*Ross Federman (Silver Tie, Percussion)

*Joe Hawley (Red Tie, Guitar/Vocals)

*Rob Cantor (Yellow Tie, Guitar/Vocals)

*Andrew Horowitz (Green Tie, Keyboards/Vocals)

*Zubin Sedghi (Blue Tie, Bass/Vocals)


country Ann Arbor, Michigan
music genre Wonky (music)
current members Joe Hawley
Zubin Sedghi
Rob Cantor
Ross Federman
Andrew Horowitz
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia