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"Tarkan Tevetoğlu" popularly known as "Tarkan", is one of the most successful pop music singers in Turkey. He has released several platinum-selling albums during his career, with an estimated 15 million albums sold.

He is often cited as the Turkish Prince of Pop.

He is also known in Europe and the Americas, especially for the song ''Şımarık'' (Spoilt/Kiss Kiss/Chanson Du Bisou/Besos). This was reincarnated as ''Kiss Kiss'' by Holly Valance after Sezen Aksu sold the music rights. This song is also rumoured to have ended the successful working relationship between Tarkan and Aksu as they fell into dispute about the ownership of the copyright to ''Şımarık''. They had collaborated on most of Tarkan's hits in Turkey and Europe. Another hit single was ''Şıkıdım'' (Shake).

Istanbul Plak was Tarkan's first record label, his record label is now his own music company HITT Music, which he established in 1997.

Tarkan is also a character in a popular 1960s Turkish comic series, which is where Tarkan got his name. The origins of the name Tarkan is derived from an ancient Turkic king.

He is nicknamed MegaStar. Tarkan often performs at Fenerbahçe football games,...

birth date October 17, 1972
birth place Alzey, Germany
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occupation Singer-songwriter
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