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Teddybears STHLM

"Teddybears STHLM" (''Teddybears Stockholm'') is a Swedish rock band that formed in 1991.

They began as Skull, a grindcore group.,0,3855185.story?coll=cl-suncal The band initially consisted of singer Patrik Arve and the brothers Joakim Åhlund and Klas Åhlund, before drummer Olsson joined them. They released their debut album ''You Are Teddybears'' in 1993 and their second album, titled ''I Can't Believe It's Teddybears STHLM'' followed in 1996. Their third album ''Rock'n'Roll Highschool'' came out in 2000 and consisted of electronic elements, which were a departure from the band's previous hardcore music. A fourth album, 'Fresh', was released in 2005 and included the singles ''Cobrastyle'' and ''Hey Boy''. ''Cobrastyle'', in particular, has been utilised recently by Heineken in their ''Meet You There'' advertising campaign, which debuted worldwide in Singapore. It's also featured in the popular video game FIFA 06, advertising for the soft drink Tab Energy and as an official theme song for WWE SummerSlam 2006 pay-per-view event.

As for the name, "If you're familiar with the Swedish or Norwegian black metal scen...

years active 1991–present
origin Sweden
music genre Rock music
current members Patrik Arve
Joakim Åhlund
Klas Åhlund
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia