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Ten Sharp

"Ten Sharp" is a Dutch pop/jazz band that originated in Amsterdam.

Ten Sharp features Marcel Kapteijn (vocals) and Niels Hermes (musical keyboard).

Ten Sharp was formed at the 'De Grote Prjis van Nederland' after developing from the melodious rock group 'Streets'. Kapteijn and Hermes, playing with bass player Ton Groen, drummer Wil Bouwes and guitarist Martin Boers failed to make it beyond the qualifying rounds. But it would not be long before they were able to sign a contract with CBS. The first single 'When The Snow Falls' (84) was 'tipped for the top', while its successor, 'Japanese Lovesong', hit number 30 on the charts. The next two singles ('Last Words' en 'Way Of The West') flopped. Disappointed, the group fell apart shortly afterwards.

On a roll, Niels Hermes and Ton Groen continued to make songs, basically for others. Marcel Kapteijn, still fed up with the record world, sang the demos. When Sony Music ultimately expressed major interest in the new pieces, Kapteijn gave in. Based on earlier experiences, he figured that things would not move quickly. But how could someone be so far off the mark: The new pieces (with the cooperation of producer Michiel Hoogebo...

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