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Ten Yard Fight

"Ten Yard Fight" is a straight edge, football based,old school hardcore from Boston, Massachusetts. Along with In My Eyes and Floorpunch they spearheaded the youth crew and old school hardcore sound revival in 1997. Their records are available from Equal Vision Records. Bass player Brian "Clevo" Ristau went on to play in Boston's Stop And Think. Singer Tony Moreschi now sings in Stand & Fight on Bridge 9 Records.

"Back On Track" (July 17, 1997)

1 Running Scared

2 Refuse To Change

3 The Same Side

4 We Know The Truth

5 Still Lives

6 You Taught Them

7 Lost Sight

8 Back On Track

9 Opportunities

10 Back It Up

11 False Convictions

12 Frame Of Mind

13 Our Times

14 Stronger Than Before

"Hardcore Pride" (April 15, 1997)

1 Hardcore Pride

2 Forever

3 Where I Stand

4 Believe

5 Proud To Be Straight

6 Holding On

7 First And Ten

8 Line Of Scrimmage

9 Enough

10 Pit Of Equality

years active 1995 – 199X
origin Boston Massachusetts
music genre old school hardcore
current members Anthony "Wrench" Moresschi - Vocals
John LaCroix - Guitar
Timmy Cosar - Guitar
Brian "Clevo" Ristau - Bass
Ben Chused - Drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia