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Ten Years After

"Ten Years After" are an English blues rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

* Alvin Lee — guitar, vocals; (born 19 December 1944, in Nottingham).

* Leo Lyons — bass; (born 30 November, 1943, in Mansfield). < Standbridge in Bedfordshire. -->

* Chick Churchill — keyboard; (born Michael George Churchill on 2 January, 1946, in Ilkeston). < Mold, Wales. -->

* Ric Lee — drums; (born 20 October, 1945, in Mansfield).

After several years of local Nottingham success as 'The Jaybirds', the band moved to London, changed their name to Ten Years After, and secured a residency at the famous Marquee Club. An invitation to play at the Windsor Jazz Festival in 1967 led to a contract with Deram, a subsidiary company of Decca — the first band so signed without a hit single.

After touring Scandinavia and the United States, Ten Years After released their second album, ''Undead'', which included the hit single "I'm Going Home". This was followed by ''Stonedhenge'', a British hit. In 1969, they appear at the Newport Jazz Festival, in the first event to which rock bands were invited. In August, Ten Years After performed a breakthrough American app...

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