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Tenacious D

"Tenacious D" (sometimes referred to as "The D") is an American rock band composed of musicians and actors Kyle Gass and Jack Black. Their style meshes rock with other musical styles such as folk metal, comedy rock and country rock.

They are known for their upbeat classic rock style and vulgar comedy. The band first gained popularity in 1999 when they starred in a self-titled HBO television series, in which Black and Gass tried to establish themselves as "The D" and the "Greatest Band in the World." The series is occasionally aired on the Comedy Network.


Jack Black met 24-year-old Kyle Gass when he was 16 in Los Angeles in 1985 when they were members of the "The Actors' Gang" theatre troupe. Ironically, Black and Gass didn't get along at first, but eventually worked out their differences. Later, Gass taught Black to play the guitar, and they eventually formed the band. While they can both sing and play the guitar, Black is billed as lead singer and Gass as lead guitarist.


Tenacious D released ''Tenacious D'' (#38 UK), in 2001. For their first album, they enlisted the help of Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl, keyboardist Page McConnell of Phish, guit...

years active 1994–present
status Active
country Los Angeles, California, USA
music genre Rock music
current members Jack Black (actor)
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source: Wikipedia