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"Terror" is a metalcore band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 2000.

Before Terror, vocalist Scott Vogel was already an underground household name, singing for mid-90s Buffalo bands Slugfest, Despair, and Buried Alive. Vogel is widely known in the scene not just for his tireless efforts to keep hardcore punk and metalcore "pure" and "fun," but for his tendency for bizarre and often hilarious on-stage banter, known colloquially as "Vogelisms". Examples include: ''"We need to elevate the maximum stagedive potential"'', ''"Who cares if you're Christian?"'', and ''"Maximum output! Activate the pit!"'' They also participated in both years of the Sounds of the Underground tour.

*''Don't Need Your Help'' - 2000 - 7" - Take Over Records

*''Life and Death'' - 2003 - 7" - Bridge Nine Records

*''Lowest of the Low'' - 2003 - MCD/12" - Bridge Nine Records

*''Dead Man's Hand #2'' - 2004 - 7" - Deathwish Records (Split-EP with Ringworm)

*''One With the Underdogs'' - 2004 - CD/12" - Trustkill Records

*''Lowest of the Low'' - 2005 - CD - Trustkill Records (Re-Release with Bonus Tracks)

*''The Living Proof'' - 2006 - DVD - Trustkill Records

*''Always the ...

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