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Terrorgruppe is a German punk band from Berlin which was founded in 1993.

Since its fans have a very young mean age, they're called a "gateway drug" in the punk scene.

  1. Musik für Arschlöcher CD (1995, Gringo/Metronome) LP (Teenage Rebell)
  2. Music for Assholes MC (1996, Pop Noise, only released in Poland)
  3. Musik für Leute wo gern trinken Pipi (1996, Teenage Rebell)
  4. Melodien für Milliarden CD (1996, Gringo) LP (Teenage Rebell)
  5. PUNKCERIALIEN LP (1997, Gringo/Alternation)
  6. Keiner hilft euch LP(1998, Gringo Records)
  7. Allein gegen Alle 7inch (2000, Epitaph Records)
  8. 1 World 0 Future (2000, Epitaph Records)
  9. Fundamental (2003, Destiny/Aggropop)

  1. Dem deutschen Volke (7" / 1993)
  2. Arbeit (7" / 1994)
  3. Fickparty 2000 zur Lust verdammt (7" / 1994)
  4. Die Gesellschaft ist Schu...
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