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The Avalanches

"The Avalanches" are an electronic music collective from Melbourne, Australia. They are well known for their energetic live shows and use of eclectic sampling, creating their debut album ''Since I Left You'' entirely out of over hundreds (some have claimed thousands) of samples, from records both obscure and massively popular. Their technique was most famously demonstrated on the single "Frontier Psychiatrist".

The group started out as a punk outfit, featuring Robbie Chater, Darren Seltmann, Gordon McQuilten and Toni Diblasi. This eventually evolved into hip hop, and by the time the group hit the Melbourne scene in 1997, there was a huge degree of hype surrounding them, with the band supporting Jon Spencer Blues Explosion after less than a half a dozen shows. They also supported the Beastie Boys on the Australian leg of the ''Hello Nasty'' tour in 1998.

Amidst a bidding war that year, the band managed to put out its debut release in September, a limited edition 7" single on Trifekta featuring the tracks "Rock City" and "Thank You Caroline". This was followed by the release of the extended player ''El Producto'' in December on Steve Pavlovic's Wondergram Records. Aroun...

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