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The Blueprint

"''The Blueprint"'' (2001) is the sixth album from rapper Jay-Z. Originally intended to be released on September 18 2001, the album's release was pushed forward one week to September 11, 2001, in order to combat widespread bootlegging. Sales stand at more than 2,2 million copies in the US.

''The Blueprint'' was reportedly cut in two days. Jay-Z was awaiting two criminal trials, one for gun possession, another for assault. At the time he had become hip-hop's most attacked artist, with Nas, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and others attacking him in song. Half of ''The Blueprint'' became a battle album, in which Jay-Z, attacks Nas, Prodigy, and all manner of persecutors. In ''The Blueprint'', Jay-Z and his producers turn to vintage soul, fueling almost every song with a stirring vocal sample: Al Green, Bobby "Blue" Bland, David Ruffin and the Jackson 5. Exceptions include "Jigga That Nigga," "Hola' Hovito," "All I Need," and most notably "Renegade," a track produced by Eminem. "Renegade" was the only track with a guest appearance (featuring Eminem) and many fans and critics feel that Jay-Z was overshadowed by Eminem's visceral, assonant rhymes.

''The Blueprint'' contained a unique...

Type Album
Artist Jay-Z
Cover Jay-z-the-blueprint.jpg
Background Orange
Released September 11, 2001 (United States
Recorded 2001
Genre East Coast hip hop
Length N/A
Producer Bink (producer)
Last album ''The Dynasty: Roc La Familia''
This album '''''The Blueprint'''''
Next album ''Jay-Z: Unplugged''
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source: Wikipedia