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The Bluetones

"The Bluetones" are an English indie rock band, formed in Hounslow, Greater London, in 1994, and featuring Mark Morriss on vocals, Adam Devlin on guitar, Scott Morriss on bass guitar, and Eds Chesters on drums.

The band's biggest hit, "Slight Return", was released in 1995 and re-released the following year. They achieved seven Top 20 UK chart placings in total and retain a loyal fanbase.

After the release of two singles on Fierce Panda Records, they released ''Expecting to Fly'' on ''Superior Quality Recordings''. The album (which achieved number 1 status in the UK charts upon release) featured the singles ''Bluetonic'' and ''Slight Return'', with the latter being beaten to number one by one hit wonders Babylon Zoo's 'Spaceman'. Following the touring and promotional duties for "Expecting To Fly", the band released a standalone single ''Marblehead Johnson'' as a bridge gap between albums.

The second album, ''Return To The Last Chance Saloon'', was released in 1998 and pocessed a decidedly Mexican flavour. While failing to generate the commercial success of the first album, it did spawn hits in the form "Soloman Bites The Worm" and "If..." and remains a favourite amon...

years active 1994 - Present
origin Hounslow, London
country England
music genre Indie Rock
Alternative Rock
current members Mark Morriss
Adam Devlin
Scott Morriss
Eds Chesters
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia