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The Buggles

The Buggles were a New Wave band formed in 1977 consisting of Geoff Downes (percussion, keyboards), Trevor Horn (bass guitar, guitar, percussion, vocals) and Bruce Woolley. Before their first release, Woolley left the band to form The Camera Club, which included Thomas Dolby and Hans Zimmer.

The Buggles shot to fame with their first single, "Video Killed the Radio Star", released in late 1979 to become the 444th number one in the UK charts. The novelty value of the song led to them being perceived as one-hit wonders, though follow up single "The Plastic Age" reached number 16, but its success was sufficient to launch both members of the band onto successful careers. The video for the song, directed by Russell Mulcahy, was the first video aired on MTV North America two years later, at 12:15 a.m. on August 1, 1981. The song appeared on the group's first album, The Age of Plastic (1980). There also was a Camera Club version of the song.

Later in 1980, Horn and Downes began work on a second album, working in a studio next door to Yes, who had recently lost vocalist Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman. The Buggles sought to sell...

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