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The Cells

""The Cells"" are a 3-piece rock band based in Chicago currently made up of singer/guitarist Cory Hance, bassist Johnny Furman and drummer Mark Doyle.

"The Cells" were formed in 1998 by singer/guitarist Cory Hance and bassist Brede Hovland. Hovland then dropped out to work in the movie business, and Hance, guitarist/singer Pat McIntyre and drummer Randy Payne continued the band with guest bassists such as Rick Ness, formerly of Figdish (a key Cells member during his stint), Skid Marks, of Box-O-Car, Josh James and Bob Rising . They released their debut album, We Can Replace You under Orange Recordings.

After touring behind We Can Replace You as a 3-piece, Hance, McIntyre and Payne parted ways. Payne and McIntyre formed the band Cisco Pike.

Hance recruited drummer Mark Doyle (formerly of Loud Lucy, Verbow and Woolworthy) and bassist Johnny Furman formerly of The Webb Brothers, The Lupins and the Darlings) in late 2003. The new Cells lineup completed the band's second CD Mayday in 2006, available on their own imprint, Old Reliable Records. biography Offici...

years active 1998–present
origin Chicago
country United States
status Active
music genre Rock music
current members Cory Hance
Johnny Furman
Mark Doyle
past members Brede Hovland
Randy Payne
Pat McIntyre
Rick Ness
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia