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The Chariot

"The Chariot" is an American Christian metalcore/mathcore band started in 2003 by the ex-vocalist of Norma Jean, Josh Scogin. Scogin left Norma Jean at the peak of their success, to the dismay of fans. Scogin only said "It was something I felt led to do." The Chariot signed with Solid State Records in May of 2004. The band will begin recording a new album produced by Steve Evetts in March of 2006, with plans to release it later in the year.

The band will be playing on the 2006 Sounds Of The Underground Tour, with bands such as, As I Lay Dying, In Flames, and Trivium.

The bands legendary live shows are well known throughout the Christian metal scene, as well as being thought to be one of the heaviest Christian metal bands to date. They are known for concentrating more on the action packed, head banging, egmatic side of shows, and are known well for their amazing onstage performances and action packed displays.

Mention Furnace Fest 2002 to any die-hard Norma Jean fan, and they’ll recall the event with no hesitation. The band, in the midst of releasing their critically acclaimed masterpiece, “Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child,” seemed to be at the peak of th...

years active 2003–present
country Douglasville, Georgia (U.S. state)
music genre Hardcore
current members Josh Scogin
Jon Terrey
Dan Eaton
Jake Ryan Howard
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia