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The Clarks

The Clarks are a rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Over the course of twenty years they have produced a total of 12 studio, live, and solo releases. Between at least a dozen successful radio hits, constant fan interaction, and frequent free shows, The Clarks have made their mark on western Pennsylvania.

The Clarks were formed in 1986 as students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where they were recently honored as distinguished alumni. They were nominated by Charles Richard Olson. Their first release, 1988's I'll Tell You What Man..., saw a great deal of success via the local hit "Help Me Out". The three following releases introduced "Penny on the Floor", "Cigarette", and "Mercury" sequentially - songs that were immortalized throughout the area and still receive frequent radio play today. With the release of 1996's Someday Maybe on King Mouse Records (BMI), the band furthered their fame. In 2000 The Clarks saw perhaps their greatest success, with Let It Go outselling many major national releases in the Pittsburgh area and generating three huge radio hits popularized by WDVE and WXDX, &q...

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