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Connie Dungs

The Connie Dungs

"The Connie Dungs" were an American rock group from Ashland, Kentucky, formed in 1994. The core of the group is composed of Brandon Tussey and brothers Chris Griffith and Wayne Griffith.

The Connie Dungs are a poppy snotty punk band similar in style to The Ramones and, later, Jawbreaker. They existed as an active band from 1994-2000, taking part in over 20 releases during that time. The Dungs gained some degree of prominence in the American underground punk scene based on sporadic concerts around the middle U.S. including Kentucky, Ohio, Tennesse, and West Virginia.

In 1994, the Connie Dungs began performing at local shows for friends and punk fans in Eastern Kentucky. During this early period they recorded and released two cassette-tape demos (Songs for Swinging Lovers and Nice Guys Finish Last) which were sold exclusively at shows. Both "Songs for Swinging Lovers" and "Nice Guys Finish Last" were later collected on one album, Songs for Swinging Nice Guys, released in 1999 on Mutant Pop Records.

Their first official release was a split 7" with fellow local punk band Tugboat. These demos and early releases resulted in a 7" single with Chicago indie ...

years active 1994–2000
status Inactive
origin Ashland, Kentucky
country United States
music genre Pop punk
Rock and roll
current members Brandon Tussey
Chris Griffith
Wayne Griffith
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia