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The Cribs

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"The Cribs" are a 3-piece indie band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England.

The Cribs debut could not have been on a more auspicious occasion, three brothers - Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman - playing to the toughest audience - the family - at a New Year's party. Twins, Gary and Ryan, had been given their first guitars that Christmas, Ross accompanied with a make-shift kit. Gary and Ryan were nine and Ross five years old; the year was 1989.

The band has gone on to release 2 albums - self titled debut ''The Cribs'' in 2004 and the follow up album ''The New Fellas'' in 2005. Their singles have included "You Were Always The One" (#66 on the UK Singles Chart), "What About Me" (#75), "Another Number", "Hey Scenesters!" (#27), and "Mirror Kissers" (#27). "Martell", the third single from ''The New Fellas'', was released on August 22nd 2005, reaching #39.

The band are good friends with Leeds indie band the Kaiser Chiefs, and have regularly toured with them, and have even covered each others songs. Lead singer Ricky Wilson even invited Ryan as a pan...

years active 2003–present
origin Wakefield, West Yorkshire
country England
music genre Indie Rock
current members Gary Jarman
Ryan Jarman
Ross Jarman
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia