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The Dissociatives

"The Dissociatives" is an Australian band consisting of Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Australian dance producer Paul Mac. Their debut single "Somewhere Down The Barrel" entered the Australian Top 40 charts on debut on March 15, 2004 and was one of the five most played tracks on Australian radio in March. The debut album ''The Dissociatives'' was released on the 4th of April 2004 and was expected to do spectacularly but album sales lagged after it debuted in the top 10 of the ARIA album charts for one week and fell rapidly. The only single release Somewhere Down The Barrel only reached #25 on the singles chart despite being a large radio success.

Daniel Johns and Paul Mac met in 1997 when Paul Mac remixed "Freak" off Silverchair's ''Freak Show'' album. The two became friends and Paul Mac worked on the subsequent Silverchair albums ''Neon Ballroom'' and ''Diorama''. The two worked on the experimental "I Can't Believe It's Not Rock" EP released in 2000.

In mid 2003, Daniel Johns and Paul Mac got together to produce the album recording the basic tracks in London and finishing it off in Sydney and Newcastle. The pair produced all the instrumental tracks and voca...

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